Lift your business from the lead-acid era.

- Lithium-ion Forklift Battery

Energy is our business!

Simple and safe

  • No lead, acid & gas emission
  • No watering, no maintenance
  • No safety hazard
  • Ultra-Fast Integrated Charger
  • Plug it anywhere, anytime
  • Smart & cost controlled

  • Pay per use (optional EaaS)
  • No additionnal cost :
  • · No handling equipement
    · No battery room & extra ventilation
  • Fleet management capabilities :
  • · Real-time system status monitoring
    · Proactive maintenance
    · Preventive repairs

    Efficient and reliable

  • Best "grid-to-forklift" energy transfer
  • Most effective energy consumption
  • & carbon footprint on the market
  • Designed for a 24/7 operation
  • Automotive connector with an embedded ultra-fast charger
    What's wrong with G4? Why is it idling for so long?

    Available in multiple configurations for Class I, II & III forklifts


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